New York State English as a Second Language Achievement Test (NYSESLAT) for Kindergarten

Young Students

In designing a developmentally appropriate assessment for Kindergarten English Language Learners, the Kindergarten NYSESLAT is intentionally formatted differently than the NYSESLAT for grades 1-12.  The Kindergarten NYSESLAT captures the Targets of Measurement (TOMs) and Performance Level Descriptions (PLDs) by using certain item types. The Spring 2016 Kindergarten NYSESLAT Test Design document provides specific information about each item type.  Also, the document provides general specifications about how the assessment will be administered and formatted.  For example, unlike other grade bands, the Kindergarten NYSESLAT will be administered by modality:

  • Speaking Session (Expanded Test Administration Window)
  • Listening Session 1
  • Reading Session 2
  • Writing Session 3

The Kindergarten NYSESLAT will be the only grade level administered by modality.  Grades 1-12 will continue to integrate modalities in each session via the use of global themes.

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