August 2011 NTI: New Performance Evaluations for Teachers

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These tools and resources will help educators implement the new evaluation system for teachers as they receive an overview of the new regulations on teacher and principal evaluations, begin to unpack the new teaching standards, develop a common understanding of the criteria for effective teaching, and practice the skills for conducting evidence-based classroom observations.


Building on the Common Core
Cognitive Engagement
Constructivism and Learning – Two Perspectives
Crosswalk Between NYSED Teaching Standards and the Framework for Teaching Based Rubrics
Danielson’s Framework for Teaching
New York State Teaching Standards And Elements Placemat
NYSUT Teacher Practice Rubric
State-Approved Teacher and Principal Practice Rubrics
Teacher Observation Training Manual (FFT-ASCD)
Teacher Observation Training Presentation (FFT-ASCD)
Teacher Observation Training Manual (NYSUT Rubric)
Teacher Observation Training Presentation (NYSUT Rubric)