May 2014 NTI: Prekindergarten ELA Turnkey Kit for Principals and Teachers - Session 1

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Session 1

Supporting All Early Learners


This session begins with a brief introduction to the three principles guiding Universal Design for Learning (UDL): Provide Multiple Means of Representation, Provide Multiple Means for Action and Expression, and Provide Multiple Means of Engagement. Examples of how these principles are demonstrated in CKLA Preschool materials will be highlighted. Compatible with the ideas behind UDL are specific scaffolding strategies that are appropriate for instructing early childhood students with diverse learning needs (e.g., ELLs, dual language learners, students with special needs). Three scaffolding strategies (i.e., scaffolding with materials, the child’s response, and feedback) will be introduced and the dimensions of support that can be varied within each strategy will be explained. A tool that can be used to plan how to use these strategies will be introduced and used throughout the remaining sessions.

Required Resources

Presentation: Supporting All Early Learners

Facilitator's Guide: Supporting All Early Learners

Handouts: Supporting All Early Learners (Zip file)

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