May 2014 NTI: Grades K-2 ELA Turnkey Kit for Principals and Teachers - Session 2

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Session 2

UDL as a Framework for Making Scaffolds/Accommodations


This session will ask participants to read and analyze an article highlighting the principles of UDL and the guidelines for implementation. The purpose of this session is to establish UDL as a common framework for considering how to make student-centered accommodations within CKLA. UDL will be presented as a framework for focusing teacher strategies and accommodations on students’ cognitive processing during learning (to support students’ capacity for representation, expression, or attention).

** Note- this session helps participants have a general framework for considering lesson changes as scaffolds/accommodations or modifications. Time constraints will not allow us to present this at the May NTI, but we are providing this session as an easy-to-turnkey module of learning for teachers who may want/benefit from this grounding in UDL.

Resources Required

Presentation: UDL as a Framework for Making Accommodations

Facilitator's Guide: UDL as a Framework for Making Accommodations

Handouts: UDL as a Framework for Making Accommodations (Zip file)

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