Kindergarten Mathematics Module 5, Topic C

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Topic C opens in Lesson 10 with students building a Rekenrek to 20, which they will use to count and model numbers for the balance of the year. They will deepen their understanding of the composition and decomposition of teen numbers as 10 ones and some more ones (K.NBT.1) by showing, counting, and writing (K.CC.3) the numbers 11 to 20 using a variety of configurations: vertical towers, linear, array, and circular configurations. In each configuration, students count to answer “how many?” questions (K.CC.5) and realize that whatever the configuration, a teen number can be decomposed into 10 ones and some ones.  

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Common Core Learning Standards

CCLS State Standard
PK.CC.5 Identify whether the number of objects in one group is more, less, greater than, fewer, and/or...
K.CC.4.b Understand that the last number name said tells the number of objects counted. The number of...
K.CC.4.c Understand that each successive number name refers to a quantity that is one larger.

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