Kindergarten Mathematics Module 4, Topic F

learning to write

Topic F asks students to connect their understanding of number pairs for 9 and 10 to addition expressions and equations. Core Fluency Practice Sets and Sprints are introduced in this topic to give students practice adding and subtracting numbers to 5 quickly and accurately (K.OA.5). In Lessons 29 and 30, students pictorially represent composition and decomposition addition stories using 5-group drawings and equations with no unknown. Decomposition: “There were 9 flowers. Five were red and 4 were yellow.” Composition: “Bob picked 6 red flowers. Then he picked 4 yellow flowers, now he has 10 flowers.” Lesson 31 has opportunities for students to solve add to with result unknown and put together with total unknown problems with totals of 9 and 10. Both of these problem types are represented by the same equation, A + B = C, with the difference being that add to result unknown problem types embed an action within the story. Conversely, put together with total unknown problem types join parts with no action. The latter situation is a more complex problem type for kindergartners to consider because there is no movement of one of the parts to support the mental act of joining inherent in addition (e.g., counting on one part to the other one at a time). The final lesson in the topic deals with the last addition situation for kindergartners, solving put together with both addends unknown word problems (C = ___ + ___) with totals of 9 and 10 using 5-group drawings, pictures, and equations. All four lessons in this topic correspond to those of Topic C, but with totals of 9 and 10. This topic builds student understanding of addition within 10 while providing practice with multiple addition situations appropriate for kindergarteners. Due to the length of this module, there is the option to take a day and a half to administer Topics E and F of the end-of-module assessment at the end of Lesson 32. This will identify students who may need more support and allow more time to reassess these students throughout the module.

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CCLS State Standard
K.OA.2 Solve addition and subtraction word problems, and add and subtract within 10, e.g., by using...

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