HSE Math: Unit Descriptions

Graph and pencil

There are 9 Units in the CUNY HSE Math Curriculum Framework. 

The 9 units are made up of 5 model Lessons and 5 Teacher Supports. The 5 Lessons are full descriptions of activities, from launch to reflection, with step-by-step teacher notes, student handouts and samples of student work. The 5 Teacher Supports are each organized around a core problem and contain a list of skills, key vocabulary, an overview of the problem, and suggestions for how to teach and process the problem with students. Each unit offers supplemental problems which expand on the core problems and explore other important content within the unit.

Units 1-6 make up an exploration of functions. Units 7-9 are focused on developing foundations of algebraic reasoning.

The 9 Units

  1. Introducing Functions (lesson)

  2. Three Views of A Function (teacher support)

  3. Rate of Change/Starting Amount (lesson)

  4. Systems of Equations: Making and Justifying Choices (teacher support)

  5. Nonlinear Functions (teacher support)

  6. Exponential Growth and Decay (teacher support)

  7. Equality (teacher support)

  8. Developing Algebraic Reasoning through Visual Patterns

    • Introduction to Visual Patterns (lesson)

    • A Problem-Posing Approach to Visual Patterns (lesson)

  9. Using Area Models to Understand Polynomials (lesson)