Grade 7 ELA Module 4B, Unit 1

Student working with teacher.

In this first unit, students are introduced to the concept of water sustainability. To build their background knowledge, they will read two informational texts: “Water Is Life” by Barbara Kingsolver and excerpts of The Big Thirst by Charles Fishman. Alongside a close reading of these texts, students will also practice their ability to listen for main ideas and details in diverse media. This will prepare them for the mid-unit assessment, in which they analyze the main ideas and details in a new video. In the second half of the unit, students will continue to build their knowledge of water management and sustainability by shifting their focus to analyzing the argument of informational texts and videos. Students build this skill as they continue to engage with The Big Thirst, as well as supplemental informational texts and videos. The end of unit assessment asks them to analyze and evaluate two arguments: one presented in text and the other presented in a video. 

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