Grade 7 ELA Module 2A, Unit 2, Lesson 1

Students working at their desks.

In this lesson, students are introduced to the guiding question of Unit 2: Who changes working conditions? The students will think about this individually, in groups, and as a class. Students will capture their thinking on a class anchor chart.
• Students are also introduced to César Chávez. Consider adapting the Building Background Knowledge Worksheet (see supporting materials) to suit the source you choose. Building students’ understanding of the context in which Chavez gives his speech will help their comprehension of the speech, and allow them to move on to the structural analysis of a complex text that is the core cognitive work of this unit. This lesson recommends using the picture book Harvesting Hope: The Story of César Chávez by Kathleen Krull; alternatives are listed below. Consider what will be best for your situation. 
• This lesson also includes time to discuss the issues of language and ethnicity with students, as the words we use to refer to groups have changed over the years. If you are new to this type of conversation with students, consider talking in advance with a colleague about how to facilitate this part of the lesson.
• Because this unit requires a lot of in-class reading, many lessons—including this one—include an activity that involves movement to give students a physical break. When you implement lessons with these types of activities, make sure to review your expectations for how and when students move around the classroom just before starting the activity. Descriptions of what you should and should not hear and see will help students be successful.
• For homework in this unit, students are usually reading in their independent reading book. The plans assume that you have launched the independent reading program with your students, and that all students have books to read and understand the routines of reading and logging their reading. See two separate stand-alone documents on The Importance of Increasing the Volume of Reading, and Launching Independent Reading in Grades 6–8: Sample Plan, which together provide the rationale and practical guidance for a robust independent reading program. If you have not launched independent reading yet, you could.

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SL.7.1 Engage effectively in a range of collaborative discussions (one-on-one, in groups, and teacher-led...

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