Grade 7 ELA Module 2A, Unit 2

Students discussing their work with teacher.

In this unit, which centers on informational text standards RI.7.2, RI.7.3, and RI.7.5, students will read and analyze a speech by César Chávez. In response to the difficult working and living conditions faced by agricultural workers, Chávez helped found the United Farm Workers in the 1960s. In 1984, Chávez gave his Commonwealth Club Address, which argues that the UFW has been and will continue to be a powerful institution that improves the lives of farmworkers and empowers the Latino community. This is primarily a reading unit, and it focuses on students’ ability to determine the central ideas of a text and analyze how they are developed, understand how people and events interact in that text, and consider how an author organizes a text so that each section of the text relates to the central claim. As students read the speech, they will add to a new anchor chart about how consumers, workers, government, and businesses (the focus of Unit 3) affect working conditions. They also will analyze how Chávez uses specific tools of rhetoric to develop his central claim and will discuss the structure of the speech. In the Mid- Unit 2 Assessment, students will answer selected-response questions for a section of Chávez’s speech that the class has not yet discussed. In the End of Unit 2 Assessment, they will apply their understanding of text structure to analyze a new speech by Chávez. Both assessments focus on RI.7.2, RI.7.3, and RI.7.5, but the mid-unit assessment focuses more on RI.7.2 and RI.7.3 while the end of unit assessment focuses more on RI.7.5. The lessons in this unit are adapted from lessons developed by Odell Education (see stand-alone documents on

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