Grade 7 ELA Module 1, Unit 2

In this second unit, students are introduced to the concept of theme in a novel. As they complete A Long Walk to Water, students will continue to collect textual evidence to answer the question “How do individuals survive in challenging environments?” In addition, students will be reading informational texts that provide more information about the context of the novel. Close reading of the selected informational text and novel will prepare students for the mid-unit assessment and the two-part end of unit assessment. For the mid-unit assessment, students will analyze how the author of A Long Walk to Water both used and elaborated on historical facts. Part 1 of the end of unit assessment (which takes place over two lessons) is the first draft of a literary analysis essay requiring textual support to discuss the topic of survival in Southern Sudan during and after the second civil war in the 1980s. Part 2 of the end of unit assessment is the final draft of the student essay. 

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