February 2014 NTI: Grades 9-12 ELA Turnkey Kit for Teachers and Coaches - Session 6

Group of Women Working

Session 6

Addressing classroom realities(Module 11.1)

Time: 75 minutes


This session continues the discussion of session 5 by taking a broader look at possibilities for implementing the curriculum. This session will guide participants in decision making that preserves the continuity and scaffolding embedded in the modules while addressing the realities of their classrooms. Participants will learn to use a curriculum planning tool to prioritize instruction at the module (long-term) and unit- and lesson levels (short-term), taking into account student needs and time constraints. Participants will consider some of the following questions: What is the top priority for my students? What are the highest leverage standards to address if I have to choose? How can I pace the curriculum? What can I eliminate? What processes can help me determine how to prioritize and adapt?

Resources Required

Presentation: Addressing classroom realities (Module 11.1)

PD Handouts: Addressing classroom realities (Module 11.1)

Coming soon: Facilitator's Guide: Addressing classroom realities (Module 11.1)

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