Common Core Video Series: Common Core in Mathematics, An Overview


This 14-minute video provides an overview of the Common Core State Standards in Mathematics. NYS Commissioner of Education John B. King Jr. and contributing author David Coleman discuss the background of the Common Core State Standards, their value in the state, the principles of their development, and the changes required of schools during this transition. The video provides an introduction or re-introduction to the standards, as well as fodder for a discussion about what it will mean to implement these standards. After watching this video, educators might examine the performance data for their school including 3-8 proficiency rates, 3-8 advanced performance, 3-8 subgroup performance, Mathematics Regents passing rates, Mathematics Regents aspirational performance (above a 75), the attainment of a Regents Diploma with advanced designation (7-9 Regents Exams with a score of 65 or above), participation in AP Math, performance on the AP exam, etc) and ask themselves: Why the Common Core? Why Now? What are our takeaways regarding the 6 shifts in instruction for Mathematics? What are the implications for our school/ department/ district? Which of these shifts, at first glance, feel like natural, logical transitions for us and our students, and which feel like they will be more challenging?

This is just one way of conducting professional development around this video. We encourage you to use this opportunity to share your ideas and experiences. Please contribute to the discussion by telling us how YOU have used these videos! Which discussion questions did you find sparked the most collaboration amongst educators? What professional learning experiences did you design around the viewing? We want to hear from you so that educators across the state can benefit from your experience!