August 2014 NTI: Grades K-5 Mathematics Turnkey Kit - Session 4

Participants with Commissioner King at July 2011 NTI

Session 4: Crafting Teaching Sequences for Extended Interventions 

6 Hours

This sessions focuses on the creation of a school culture in which  assessment,  data, and analysis drive planning practices and teaching. This is achieved through professional development that equips teachers to create extended interventions for students, deepen data analysis to make interventions much more targeted and efficient.  

Resources Required (Files are located at the bottom of this page under Downloadable Resources, additional files for this session will be posted when available):

  • Crafting Teaching Sequences for Extended Interventions PPT
  • Selected Module Overviews: K-2
  • Selected Module Overviews: 3-5
  • Professional Reading:  Knowing and Teaching Elementary Mathematics
  • Professional Reading:  Two Beliefs
  • Mathematical Practices Protocol
  • Text Study Flow Chart
  • Grades K-5 Sample Work