New York State K-12 Social Studies

social studies frameworkThe K-12 Social Studies program in New York State schools prepares students for college, careers, and civic life. The links below contain information about the Framework, resources, and an implementation timetable for Social Studies teachers, leaders, parents and administrators.

NYS K-12 Social Studies Framework

The NYS K-12 Social Studies Framework, approved by the Board of Regents, is intended to serve as a guide for local districts in developing their Social Studies curricula.

Regents Examination in United States History and Government (Framework)

Resources on the exam timeline, test design, performance level descriptors and task models are available here: Regents Examination in United States History and Government (Framework)

Global History & Geography II Assessment

The Global History & Geography II Assessment page provides information about the draft prototype items for the Global History & Geography II exam. The prototype items were first unveiled at the NYS Council for the Social Studies convention in April 2016. The assessment page contains:

  • Four-part Video on Exam Design

    The video is presented in four parts: an overview of the Framework and Evidence-Centered Design (ECD—the process used to create the prototype items), and an explanation for each of the three parts of the draft new exam, including sample prototype items.
  • Draft Prototype Items PDF

    The prototype item document shows five sets of stimulus-based multiple-choice questions, three sets of short constructed-response questions, and one extended-essay task.


The K-12 Social Studies Resource Toolkit provides numerous resources and inquiries to consider in developing K-12 Social Studies curriculum in light of the Framework.

Professional Development Video Collection: NYS Social Studies Update

This video series is designed to support and equip New York teachers and instructional leaders with information and updates regarding Social Studies. Each video provides a brief overview to consider in light of the new NYS Social Studies Framework, upcoming resources, and the new Regents exams in Social Studies. The videos may be used individually or together to support ongoing professional development.

Field Guide

The Field Guide explains instructional shifts that accompany the implementation of the Framework.